I’ll be playing the role of Ruby, a sexy assassin in Michael Matteo Rossis new feature film, SHADOWS


The movie Killer Cove is now available on Netflix. I play Carrie, the best friend of Linda who has many stalkers! Check it out!

Short Film -WAITING

I recently was part of a project directed by Anthony Cally called Waiting. We shot this in one night at a beautiful bar in LA. I had fun meeting all of the other cast members and of course hanging out with one of my favorite director/producer/writers, Michael Matteo Rossi. Aaannnnd , Richard Riehle was in it too which is fantastic because I’m def a fan of his!

Lifetime Movie - FEARBAY

Oh my gosh, what an experience I had on this film. We shot it all last year and I’m just now getting around to posting something about it. I am in pole teacher training, writing a book that everyone may or may not ever see, haha, and I am working on a few of my small businesses. So.. I have been a busy busy gal! Okay, so this film was shot in Gloucester, Massachusetts and I played the role of Carrie Fields. Best friend to the lead played by Haley Webb. I loved my time on the east coast and really really loved my time with Haley, who is so funny and talented and is a true star. Hopefully this movie will air soon! I will of course keep you updated.

Short film STILL

I recently filmed a short film directed by Michael Matteo Rossi called Still. I got to wear a bald cap, which was new and fun ;) This film has already won awards at film festivals! It also stars Damien Plucker and Tracy Bergman.